Thursday, November 25, 2010

dedicated to all of my dearest friends ;)

sometimes, i'm wondering,,
why it's so hard for me to forget,,
when i stare at the moon, look at the sky, converse with the sun, lay on the bed,blubber as the precipitation, chortle cloudlessly seemed the rainbow, altough i sleep in a nicedream either nightmare, i'm still remembering,, out of blue, it arise,, and i finally know,, that because the remembrances is t0o precious for me ;)
love u friends..

心から ;)


i'm standing right here, just want to wish all of you, happy world best friend day,,
please, appreciate and cherrish your friend while the friendship last..
once it is broken,, there'll be t0o hard for you, either me,, to merge it, too difficult..
so , accept them as they are,, ;D

happy wolr bestfriend day
~ 23rdofnovember till 9thofdecember~

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