Wednesday, November 24, 2010

quiet boring~

i just don't know what i wanna say,, but, it's quiet boring right here...
i feel much better when i sit on my chair,, stare at the book (even the history book),,
mumble with friends,, sleep on the desk,, hahah~ sing together,, the licking the lollipop,, chewing some snacks during classes,, haha~ draw on the exam paper ( my most favorite hobby) sketch here and there.. laugh loudly with the classmate,, skip the preparation class and co-co.. ,, PUISIDRA,, haha .. the chess tourney.. daydreaming during lessons.. gossiping every day,, 'QIAMULLAIL'.. hear to the lecture from 'ustaz abdullah zuldi' .. having a serious (seriously??) argument with our beloved brother,, cooperate in tidying the locker (guess who's??) bhahaha~~ study together,, attending the arabic camp by the Guntur's Graduates.. be linesmen
for a 'takraw competition',, haha~~ so much fun!
the undeniable fact!! i miss them.. every day,, every night,, haha~~ actually,, i extremely miss my beloved friends;
AriffFaizRajaSyukriZhafranZhafriYusriAdamFarhanShauqiFikriFikriFitriAsyrafZulhelmiRafi MunzirHafizulAzrai
my junior t0o,, especially Azfar ;) Aiman gaga Adib Mursyid Ashraff(Bobot),,
is that enough?? i think so,, enough for now..daaa~text you later k?
assalamualaikum,, ;)

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