Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rest In Peace

assalamualaikum.. erm.. oke2..

today is 31st of Dec 10.. waaa~~ half an hour more, we'll celebrate NEW YEAR!!


what so funny ha? damn! haha~ what? i'm gonna be a form4 student? n0!

on 2nd of Jan soon, i'll back to hostel.. NO! please.. need more time to be ready enough!

grr.. what's in my mind?

1. who are the new 'warden'? are they are as good as the previous? or better? maybe WORSE?!!

2. exco? waa! f4 'll be f5~ oh, i don't mind with abg madi, abg aiman, and some of the good senior laa.. but, how bout the rest? nnaaaa~~ i don't like them very much laa! rules?! haha XD y there must be so much rules? weirdo! haha ;)

4.dongsaeng? waaa! miss u t0o much laa.. wanna 'story mori ' with u again la ;) waa~~ 'lthn ruma sukn'.. let's suggest me how to escape from the program? it's distracting! naaaa~~

6. the offer? oh~ i believe that most of my friend 'll get it.. including me perhaps.. erm.. wanna change to boarding school or just stay at kispus? erm.. let me think first la kn?

7.......... alot of things to think laa... tired al ready.. eh, what i wanna talk about? waa~

(jaoh mnyimpang ak nie)


ap yg ak suro 'rest in peace' nie senanye? aduuii

hahaha~~ 2010 will be rest in peace! yeay! hahaha XD

2011 akan dilahirkn! haha ~ (eh ye er?)

wo! upper form beb! skrg nie ak asyek te pk mcm mne nk escape dr lthn ruma sukan..

any suggestion?


oke2.. ak mls senanye nk blk skola nie.. xd m0od! x kms brg agy! naaaa~~ hahahaha XD

oke laa..

sesape yg bg entry nie.. anda dikehendaki memberi cdgn utk meng'ghaib'kn diri dari lthn uma skn uh.. adooi!


assalamualaikum ;)

[ak atlet skn lmbe lr cm dy nie en?]

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