Monday, November 28, 2011

do you know????


another question for today..erm..

do you know the relationship between both of your eyes?

( comey jea mate nie )

they wink together

both in tear concurrently

they sleep simultaneously

both look at something jointly


they haven't stared each other

can you imagine what will happen if both eyes stared each other??

that means, one of the two eyes, or both of them

are uprooted from the place where they are suppose to be..

thus,, can't they still do such things together anymore, can they?

so too in friendship

we can do so much thing together

much as we like to..

but, there are things that we can't do

and DON'T do it..

we mustn't look whether they are

poor or wealthy

pretty or ugly

tall or shorty

sages or ninny

lanky or fatty

especially strength and weaknesses..


our friendship will be longer lasting ;D


ukhwah fillah abadan abada



love your friends while the friendship last.. once it's broken.. it's verily hard for you either me to merge it up again.. :D

P/S : sorry if there are any grammatically wrongs or spelling errors :D

*dedicated to all my compeers, skstb,srastb, 10th batch of KISPUSIAN,, , KDK ;) n 57th of KISASIAN

thank you.. assalamualaikum

wallahu a'lam ;)

sacred heart ;

imperfect person~

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